2019 Scholarship Application

2019 Scholarship Application 2019-01-01T10:53:15-05:00

Are you a member of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of AFP?
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Does your organization pay your membership costs?

Has anyone in your organization received an AFP scholarship in the last 3 years?

Have you been an AFP Scholarship recipient in the past 2 years?

Scholarship for which you are applying:
Presidential Membership ScholarshipFundamentals of Fundraising ScholarshipCFRE ScholarshipChamberlain ScholarshipYoung Professional ScholarshipSeeds Scholarships

If applying for the Young Professional Scholarship:

In a total of 300 words or fewer, please answer all the following questions:

2. What type of contribution do you expect to make to the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of AFP if you receive this scholarship?

3. What do you believe is your greatest accomplishment achieved in the development field thus far? What do you plan to achieve if you receive this scholarship?