Building Your Fundraising Career

AFP is committed to engaging young professionals and those new to the profession who are building their fundraising careers. AFP seeks to provide emerging leaders with opportunities to broaden their skillsets and expand their networks to prepare for the next stage in their fundraising career.

Serving Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Committee is dedicated to serving as a trusted resource for those new to or considering entering the fundraising field across the Greater Cincinnati chapter.

The Emerging Leaders Committee works to provide you with:

  • Meaningful opportunities to connect with your peers and Emerging Leaders from other professions
  • Educational events led by industry experts
  • Pathways to broaden your network and connect with mentors
  • Value and relevance for your Emerging Leader membership

Check the chapter’s calendar of events for upcoming Emerging Leader programs. Don’t see what you are looking for or have suggestions? Please e-mail and someone from the committee will be happy to follow up with you.