“This weekend’s Fundamentals of Fundraising course was thoroughly informative and encouraging…”

“Each presenter’s willingness to share their real world experiences during their presentations added value and context to some things in the material that I have not yet encountered professionally.

Today, my boss and I reviewed our organization’s strategic plan and took steps toward updating a workable and realistic development plan for our organization. As a result of the session, I feel significantly more confident and prepared to lead or participate in discussions with our Board and staff about what to include and how to prioritize.”

Lyndsay Coleman, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra

“Thank you very much for arranging the lunches for the March 23 Legacy Pipeline event…”

“As a new-to-the-profession member, I learned a great deal and met three new contacts at the meeting. AFP has been a terrific group to join – well-organized, with engaged members, talented speakers and good communication on events.”

Jean Coggan

“I am a new member and this was my first Meet & Greet Event…

“I met 5 individuals were incredibly helpful with thoughts and insights on AFP activities and climbing the non-profit learning curve.  I am very much looking forward to the next event.”

Tom Dunn

“I had a wonderful time and came back energized, inspired…

“I am ready to do more to further the work & mission of nonprofits throughout our city.”

Coral Dill, Chamberlain Scholarship recipient