Mr. Greg Landsman

Councilmember Greg Landsman was elected to serve on Cincinnati City Council in fall 2017, with the mission of achieving large-scale community and systemic change on behalf of children and families. The former Executive Director of the nationally recognized StrivePartnership, Landsman spearheaded the successful Cincinnati Preschool Promise, which passed in November 2016 to provide two years of quality preschool in Cincinnati.  Landsman is the CEO of the 767 Group, developing systematic changes for educational outcomes for children in the United States and overseas. Landsman also created Every Child

Capital, a philanthropic venture fund that hopes to revolutionize philanthropy by investing in high impact programs that are able to attract sustainable public funding. This unique fund now provides a book a month to every economically disadvantaged child in Cincinnati, for the first five years of their lives, and is poised to significantly expand the number of first-time mothers who get the support they need in their child’s first 1,000 days.